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omslag CVI experience (english version)

163143190028 CVI Experience (english version) : ISBN 9789071534782

Simulation of visual processing difficulties to provide insight into the consequences of cerebral visual impairment in children, youths and adults.
Visual perception is very important in order to function normally in the world. We usually think the world is as we see it. We assume our perception is 'perfect' and correct. However, visual perception is a complex process. Our brains continuously process information that enters via the eyes, linking it to existing knowledge, integrating and interpreting it, allowing us to understand and recognise what we see. Brain damage can sometimes disrupt this process. This is referred to as Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI).
Bartiméus is an expert in the diagnosis of CVI, and treats children and adults with this condition.

CVI is a complex diagnosis with a variety of forms. The desire expressed by many parents or partners to see the world through the eyes of their child or partner is not easily fulfilled. CVI Experience tries to allow people to experience the complexity of visual processing. This knowledge and experience ensures greater empathy and understanding among everyone involved with people with CVI

This book includes a download CVI Experience with all of the files that can be used for the exercises. Some items fall into multiple categories and can be applied in different situations.

Author: Florine Pilon

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Crowding training

163143190074 Crowding training English

Goal of the training:
Improving near visual acuity and reducing central crowding in young children with visual impairment. During this evidence-based training, children learn to work with very crowded visual material (Huurneman et al. IOVS 54:6208-6216 (2013)). The training poses a demand on the perception of fine detail, accurate and steady eye movements, interference control (focussed/ selective visual attention), and eye hand coordination. Children with visual impairment often show a delay in these skills and they can be improved by training.

Target population:
Children with visual impairment aged 4-9 years. An additional motor and/or intellectual impairment is an exclusion criterion.

Content training: :
Manual, exercise books, answer book, LOCO-box, markers, exercise sheet, report forms, reward system, and a near visual acuity chart.

Author: Bianca Huurneman
Price: € 135,- (excl. postage/shipping costs)
Published: 2014

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omslag Developing Attachment

163143190029 Developing Attachment : ISBN 9789461071477

Developing Attachment is a workbook for building up a secure relationship with children or adults with severe intellectual or multiple disabilities. By building up a secure relationship they can be stimulated to develop further.

This book is about the elements that are necessary in order to build up an attachment relationship with children or adults with a severe intellectual disability or with multiple disabilities. The importance of building up an attachment relationship is based on the attachment theory.

The book aims to give information to caregivers who provide daily care to these very vulnerable children. We show how caregivers enter into a relationship with four clients at Bartiméus. In the text we generally refer to children, but of course the text can also be applied to developing an attachment relationship with adults with severe intellectual or multiple disabilities.

It is also suitable for educational programmes at schools or within educational centres.

Author: Paula Sterkenburg

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163143190085 Diagnostic Assessment of Attachment Related Disorders in Children with Intellectual Disability : ISBN 9789491838606

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Cover Guided by scent

163143190088 Guided by scent : ISBN 9789491838637

A fresh look at the use of odour in healthcare and education

‘Guided by Scent’ is a practical book for professionals in healthcare and education who wish to work purposefully with odours in supporting people with intellectual impairments, deaf-blindness or dementia.

In addition to background information, this book offers plenty of practical examples, formats and useful tips.
There is also a lot of attention paid to the application of scent in daily practice.

Marian Waanders-Westman (1962) is the owner of Clarent and focuses her training programmes in imaging and communication on professionals who support people with complex and intense support needs.
She graduated as a speech therapist in 1984, and underwent postgraduate education to become a trainer, coach and educator.

At the time of publication of this book she is working as a speech therapist at Bartiméus in the Netherlands.

Author: Marian Waanders-Westman

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Omslag How I discover!

163143190080 How I discover! : ISBN 9789491838552

How parents can help their blind baby

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omslag im spiel bleiben

163143190030 Im Spiel Bleiben : ISBN 9789071534676

Kinder und Jugendliche mit juveniler NCL
In diesem Buch wird die Stoffwechselkrankheit juvenile Neuronale Ceroid-Lipofuszinose (JNCL) beschrieben. JNCL ist eine Form der NCL-Krankheiten, die schon im Kindesalter beginnen. Wird die Diagnose JNCL gestellt, steht einem Kind und seinen Angehörigen ein langer und schwerer Weg bevor, auf dem sie viele Einbußen hinnehmen müssen. Das Kind verliert im Verlauf der Krankheit fast alle seiner körperlichen und psychischen Fähigkeiten, es stirbt im jungen Erwachsenenalter.

Die Autoren betreuen seit vielen Jahren Kinder mit JNCL und deren Angehörige. Sie kennen den Verlauf der Krankheit und beschreiben ihn in diesem Buch aus medizinischer, psychologischer und seelsorgerlicher Sicht.
Dabei haben sie sich bewusst für einen positiven Titel entschieden: Im Spiel bleiben. Aus ihrer Erfahrung heraus möchten sie Kind und Eltern dazu anregen, trotz aller, auch schweren, Rückschläge aus jeder Situation immer wieder das Beste herauszuholen. Es ist ihnen wichtig, dass dem Kind und seinen Angehörigen der Lebensmut erhalten wird und dass sich alle Beteiligten dafür einsetzen, dass das Leben trotz allem lebenswert bleibt.

Eltern und Angehörige, aber auch professionelle Betreuer finden in diesem Buch wichtige Informationen zur Art und zum Verlauf der Krankheit, ebenso werden Hinweise gegeben zur Begleitung und Betreuung des Kindes und seiner Eltern.

Bernard Baakman
Riet Niezen
Janneke van Wageningen

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omslag individual relocation profile and relocation plan

163143190031 Individual relocation profile and relocation plan : ISBN 9789071534751

Supporting children and adults with intellectual and sensory disabilities when moving house.

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Although moving house is not uncommon for people with intellectual and sensory disabilities, moving can be a stressful event and have a large impact on a person’s life.

Bartiméus Expertise Centre Deafblindness has developed an individual relocation profile and relocation plan in order to support people with intellectual and sensory disabilities when moving house. To ensure the move proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible, this book provides guidelines and tips for the phases before, during and after the move.

The individual relocation profile and relocation plan was written to guide those who support people with intellectual and sensory disabilities. Special attention is paid to people with deafblindness. The individual character of this book makes it appropriate for a wide audience. The book can be used for a person moving between houses within the same residential facility, from one residential facility to another, or from a home situation into residential facility.

This book provides background information that can be used to create a personal profile for the person moving house. It also offers guidelines for an individual relocation plan, with room for practical guidelines and agreements about how and when to do what in the different phases of the moving process.

Authors: Marijse Pol e.o.

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omslag intervening in Stress attachment and challenging behaviour

163143190032 Intervening in Stress, Attachment and Challenging Behaviour : ISBN 9789071534577

This thesis is of importance to the care of persons with disabilities.

First, the study confirmed the plasticity of the development of an attachment relationship even in adolescence, indicating also that it was possible to develop an affect-regulating relationship with clients with visual and severe intellectual disabilities who had not had the opportunity to develop an attachment relationship with specific attachment figures earlier in life.

Second, an attachment-based intervention can help children with multiple disabilities and unfavourable past experiences to cope with challenges to mental health. This was found in clients for whom, in the past, no other therapies and interventions had proven successful.

Author: Paula Sterkenburg

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Cover Mein Kind hat CVI

163143190091 Mein Kind hat CVI : ISBN 9789491838668

In den vergangenen Jahren wurden in der Bartiméus-Reihe verschiedene Bücher über die Entwicklung von Kleinkindern mit einer Sehbehinderung veröffentlicht. In diesen Büchern finden Eltern Informationen und praktische Ratschläge. Ein Buch für Eltern von Kleinkindern mit einer zerebralen Sehstörung gab es noch nicht.

Die Idee, ein Buch für diese Eltern zu schreiben, kam aus der Praxis. Es zeigte sich, dass Eltern sich einen praktischen Ratgeber wünschten, der ihre Fragen beantwortet, so dass sie ihr Kind besser verstehen und seine Entwicklung besser begleiten können. Darum begannen wir damit, unser Knowhow und unsere Erfahrungen zu sammeln.

Wir hoffen, dass Eltern mit diesem Buch mehr über CVI erfahren und darin Hilfen finden, wie sie ihr Kind in seiner Entwicklung unterstützen können.

Minette Roza
Katinka Bakker
Irmgard Bals

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Omslag Mentalization can be learned

163143190078 Mentalization can be learned : ISBN 9789491838392

Introduction to Mentalization Based Support (MBS)

Guidelines for all parents and caregivers supporting persons with a visual impairment and/or intellectual disability and also suffering from a problematic attachment, psychiatric disorders and/or behavioural problems

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Omslag My child has CVI

163143190084 My child has CVI : ISBN 9789491838583

Handbook for parents of a young child with CVI

This book is about cerebral visual impairment (CVI) in young children. It gives parents tools and advice for dealing with the visual problems their child may experience daily, so that he can develop as well as possible.

The authors of this book (Minette Roza, Katinka Bakker and Irmgard Bals) are occupational therapists and childpsychologist at Bartiméus in the Netherlands.

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Cover Not on purpose

163143190093 Not on purpose : ISBN 9789491838729

The experiences of Harry, a boy with albinism

Harry is an adventurous boy. Just like all the other kids in his class. Seeing him with his friends, you wouldn’t think there was anything different about Harry. But he has albinism. So things need to be adapted for him, also in class. Suddenly some of his things go missing at school. What’s going on? Could he and his friend Joey solve the mystery?

The author Jantina Boelaars has a son with albinism.

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