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By students, for students
Artikelnr: mo0001
ISBN: 978-90-815053-0-7 Aantal pagina's: 252

This book aims to support you (the student) and your peers working in project teams as part of your educational program. Problem-based learning is very popular at universities worldwide and often requires teams of students to work collaboratively on assignments provided by the teaching staff. Students (and most staff), however, haven’t received any (formal) training in teamwork.
This book provides a hands-on overview of all aspects relevant to student teamwork, including teamwork, project management and leadership.
So, take your academic projects to the next level and outperform yourself as a team and as individuals, because TeamWorks!

“Teamwork has...

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Bridging the gap between design and volume production
Artikelnr: mo0002
ISBN: 9789081505321 Aantal pagina's: 236

The interface between Design and Manufacturing forms a locus of frequent interpersonal conflict. Misunderstandings, unwelcome surprises and planning problems are the rule rather than the exception. Within companies that deliver consumer goods in large quantities to the market this interface is also the transition from exploration (seeking new business opportunities) to exploitation (profiting from those consumer products).

This thesis reports on a first exploration of the Design-Manufacturing interface on the level of the participants from both processes using the method of Grounded Theory. This book conceptually describes how these actors bridge the gap between Design and Volume Production and portrays...

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